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The Kitchen

4330 Katonah Avenue, Bronx, New York, New York 10470, United States

(718) 798-1002


Pick Up Hours 

Mon - Sun

07 : 00 AM - 01 : 00 AM 

Delivery Hours

09 : 00 AM - 01 : 00 AM

Wrong order

Our management team ensures that you get the right food delivered at your place. However, if you get the wrong order delivered, then, you can simply contact us and let us know. We can make suitable changes in the transactions and provide the right food.

*If 25% or more of the food has been consumed or removed we cannot issue any discount, refund or store credit. If the food has been discarded, repackaged or tampered with then we cannot verify its origin or issue and cannot issue any discount, refund or store credit. Also, we will only prepare a second food order in all situation and we will not prepare a third order replacement.

Cancellation of the order

We are unable to provide refunds for the return of the food. Also, if you cancel the order after the food has been cooked, the cancellation is not acceptable. For more information, you should contact us.

Failed Delivery

If we are unable to reach you (the customer) upon arrival at your delivery location, we will attempt to call you numerous times and if possible contact you on a secondary number or platform. Rest assured, we will do everything in our power to make the delivery. If we cannot make delivery, because no one answers the door,/ answers the contact phone number on the order, and we cannot access your building, we will wait at your location for up to 10mins, where possible, before returning the food to be kept warm. We will keep the food warm for appox 90mins after its return to the restaurant, there after It will be discarded if the customer has not contacted us for Redelivery. If the Customer Contacts us for redelivery within 90mins of the return of the food. We will make every effort to get the food to them as quickly as possible.

We do not under any circumstance, issue discount, refunds/store credits or replacements etc where a customer has failed to accept delivery.